Business Partners

At Hadleys we have a very simple philosophy about the people we do business with; it’s imbedded at the core of our corporate mission. We make the same high demands of ourselves and the firms we engage to service our clients. It’s true to say that if we refer someone who does a good job the client will probably forget where the referral came from but he or she will certainly not forget when the reverse is true. And we are fiercely protective of our reputation.

For this reason, when we form associations with other firms (we call them our strategic business partners) we are keen to ensure the quality of service and value for money provided is consistent with our own high standards. Once we are assured of our strategic business partners on this score, we use our leverage to negotiate arrangements on behalf of our clients that are usually better than they can obtain in the regular market place for that product or service. This leverage is obtained by mobilising the purchasing power of the entire Hadleys client base. Because of the sheer volume of this potential we can obtain concessions and discounts for our clients that are typically better than any that might be negotiated elsewhere.

Presently, we have arrangements in place with lenders, financial planners and non-general insurance agents.