Check List

For Going Into Business

Hadleys in conjunction with CPA Australia is able to provide clients with a 20 page comprehensive checklist of important variables that need to be considered when evaluating a new business opportunity. It deals with issues such as:

- Market research
- Legal structures
- Physical requirements
- Funding requirements
- Industry requirements
- Marketing
- Staffing     Insurance
- Local government requirements
- Record keeping
- Registrations
- Buying an existing business
- Sources of information
- Sources of funds

Send us an email to detailing your name, phone number and postal address and we’ll forward you a complimentary copy.

Individual Tax Return Checklist

Hadleys have prepared a checklist of items you will need to bring with you at tax time when you meet with us. Follow this link [Individual Tax Return Checklist ...] to download your copy. The list attempts to cover most of the more common tax return items; however, it is not a complete list and we may require further clarification or additional information.