History of The Firm

Hadleys CPAs was formed July 15th 1981 by Michael Hadley. Previously Michael worked as accountant, chief accountant, financial controller and company secretary to a variety of organisations including multi-nationals, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and service providers. In his last role before entering practice Michael was company secretary and operations manager for a computer service bureau that provided computerised accounting and business solutions to some of the best known organisations in Australia. These clients included News Limited, Health Commission of NSW, Fox Manufacturing, Institute of Clinical Pathology, Spastic Centre of NSW and the Housing Industry of Australia. It was the satisfaction and stimulation provided by this challenging advisory role that led Michael to establish Hadleys and commence practice on his own account.

Traditionally, the firm’s business base has consisted of corporate clients, high-wealth individuals and professionals. We have, since inception, focused on this market as being most appropriate for us. In so doing, consistent with our corporate mission, we have been able to dedicate the appropriate time and resource to the proper and professional servicing of our clients rather than having to resort to high-volume, low-quality, low-cost outputs to remain viable.

Additionally, we have refrained from branching into a variety of ancillary financial services as have many of our competitors, preferring to consolidate our position and rigidly focus on doing what we do best. However, in recognition of our clients’ needs we have established and maintained a network of highly skilled specialists. Unlike many of the larger firms who keep this expensive expertise in-house we have remained unburdened by the overhead such specialists incur and therefore, we are able to provide more cost effective solutions on a user-pays basis.

We have demonstrated our commitment to continuing professional improvement and the need to keep abreast of current legislative and other compliance developments. As a consequence, we have always invested heavily in technology, training and information resources that permit us to deliver state-of-the-art, high quality advice and business solutions. Such an approach has enabled us to service clients all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Goulburn, Newcastle and Perth and internationally in the UK, Czech Republic, Japan, France, Denmark, Vanuatu, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States.

This focus combined with a simple philosophy that recognises our clients’ need to grow and prosper for us to grow and prosper has been the underlying reason for our success. And it’s certainly true that many of our largest clients today are those who were infant organisations when they first joined us. For that reason we have always welcomed inquiry from potential clients no matter how small.