Pricing Policy

At Hadleys we adopt a “user pays” policy where we have few, if any, fixed fees unless you opt for one of our fixed fee packages. Most work is billed according to the time expended and the level of expertise required. Typically, we allocate tasks to the lowest cost person in our office who has the necessary competence and expertise to undertake the work. This policy helps to keep our fees to a minimum. However, quality outcomes are assured via our high-calibre quality assurance and review systems.

We usually encourage clients to do as much of their own work as possible. In this way, we spend less time and consequently our fees will be lower; providing you are able to present your work to us in a reasonable and appropriate form.

We regularly subscribe to industry surveys and we know our charges are competitive with average suburban accounting practices of similar size, although we pride ourselves on delivering a better than average service. And we don’t carry any unnecessary overheads. Therefore, if quality outcomes are important to you then you will find us extremely cost effective.

Our invoices are specific and detailed because we know clients expect to have a clear understanding of exactly what they are paying for and we’re not offended when a client asks for further explanation; we welcome it in fact. That’s because we know we give great value for money.

Clients are reminded that our corporate mission requires us to deliver excellent results……and quality outcomes rarely come cheaply. With this in mind clients may request a detailed checklist offering advice and helpful hints as to how you might keep your accounting fees to a minimum.

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